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Cultivating Success: A Grower's Journey with ASB's Wood Fiber Mix

In our ever-growing industry the success of a crop is intricately intertwined with the quality of the soil it takes root in. Recent years have witnessed a noteworthy shift within the industry a departure from conventional raw materials toward more sustainable alternatives. This innovative approach not only ensures the immediate prosperity of crops but also secures the future of operations, resilient in the face of scarce resources. For ASB's esteemed community of professional growers, the journey from traditional mixes to the enriching embrace of wood fiber has been nothing short of transformative. Let's explore the positive experiences, challenges, and solutions that have forged this evolution.

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we have initiated a series of interviews aimed at gaining deeper insights into the operations and challenges faced by our clients. The primary objective is to better understand their unique needs, enabling us to provide tailored solutions and support them in achieving their goals. Our inaugural interview featured Joe Szudarek from Maria Gardens in Columbia Station, OH. This insightful conversation not only illuminated the intricacies of his operations but also highlighted the challenges he encounters. Additionally, it provided valuable insights into how ASB professional have been supporting him and identified areas where we can further enhance our assistance.

Making the Switch: From Perlite to Wood Fiber

Substrate with Perlite

The decision to transition from perlite mixes to wood fiber at Maria Gardens wasn't merely a choice; it represented a strategic shift informed by industry insights. Faced with the potential phasing out of perlite, growers at Maria Gardens wholeheartedly embraced the wood fiber alternative. The results were striking—plants thrived, and root systems flourished. Initially, only a quarter of their operation utilized wood fiber, but its success became evident. Today, a noteworthy 50 percent of their plants grow in the wood fiber mix, emphasizing its effectiveness across all pot sizes and crops. This widespread adoption attests to the wood fiber mix's capability to perform on par with perlite, establishing itself as a versatile and reliable substrate in various cultivation scenarios.

Navigating Watering Challenges with Wood Fiber

While there may not be a significant difference observed between the two mixes today, the transition to wood fiber did entail a learning curve, particularly concerning watering practices. Managing water became somewhat of an art form, with wood fiber exhibiting the ability to retain more moisture, resulting in a drier top layer but a consistently moist bottom. Despite this adjustment, the overall water usage decreased compared to perlite mixes, showcasing the efficiency of the new substrate. Fortunately, the diligent team meticulously reviewed and swiftly comprehended these differences, promptly adapting their processes to ensure a seamless integration.

Size matters?

At Maria Gardens, the challenge extended to determining the optimal pot sizes for the wood fiber mix. Acknowledging the potential perception of wood fiber as having larger particles, a thorough assessment was conducted across the entire operation to discern if specific pot selections were necessary. The success experienced at Maria Gardens across various crops serves as a testament to ASB Professional's excellence in crafting a wood fiber mix that subtly distinguishes itself from traditional counterparts, perceptible only to the discerning eye of experts. The unique aroma, texture, and volume of the mix stand as tangible proof of our commitment to innovation, offering an ideal product that not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

This meticulous attention to detail underscores ASB Professional's dedication to providing professional growers with a substrate that not only adapts to their diverse needs but also sets a new standard in excellence. The wood fiber mix's remarkable adaptability in hanging baskets, smaller pots, or trays emphasizes its versatility and reliability, making it an ideal choice for successful cultivation across a spectrum of operations.

The Human Element: ASB Professional's Key to Success

Beyond substrates and pricing, what truly sets ASB Professional apart is our commitment to having knowledgeable and personable people. We understand that the key to success lies in the relationships forged, be it with the ASB team, customers like Maria Gardens, or industry partners.

At ASB Professional, we pride ourselves on providing conscientious and personalized customer service that goes beyond mere transactions. Building a unique and vital connection with each client, like Maria Gardens, is at the core of our approach. The personal touch provided by the ASB team is instrumental in cultivating lasting relationships. It's not just about understanding the technical aspects of cultivation; it's about comprehending the unique needs and aspirations of our clients. This personalized approach enables us to present the best products tailored to each individual situation, exemplifying the transformative impact of the human element in our client relationships.

Cultivating Growth: ASB's Ongoing Support

ASB stands as a reliable ally in the ever-changing industry landscape, dedicated to supporting growers through various challenges. Whether it's adapting to market shifts, optimizing water quality, or tackling emerging issues, ASB professionals are unwavering in their commitment to ensuring the success of growers.

Beyond the transaction of products, the true satisfaction for a grower lies in witnessing contented customers leaving with tangible success. ASB's focus goes beyond substrates, emphasizing the cultivation of success in line with the company's core values.

Driven by a commitment to actively listen to clients, ASB believes in the power of innovative thinking to consistently exceed expectations. The company takes a meticulous approach to product engineering, employing innovative and functional strategies for plant enhancement and nurture.

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